Friday, December 14, 2007

proud Malaysians!

masa : 1.15 pm
situasi : kejap lagi nak pegi RANtAi art fest!
iTunes : the silent breeze of the wind~~~~~~

a very dear friend of mine, Wong Kai Meng has represented Malaysia in the 24th Sea Games in Korat, Thailand. he won a bronze in Taekwondo which adds to his collection of winnings. Last time in the 23rd Sea Games in Manila, Philippines he won a bronze too.

well done to you bro! i believed you have done your best. balik cepat belanja us laa pakcik, long time no see meh~

here's the official result of his rounds on 12th December, 2007.

Under 84kg:

1. Nguyen Trong Cuong (Vie);
2. Alexander Briones (Phi);
3. Wong Kai Meng and Maung Maung Oo (Mya)

from the news, courtesy of NSTP online :-

Sea Games/Taekwondo: Injured Chew Chan battles her way to gold

SHE wasn't at her best but Che Chew Chan hung on to retain the women's middleweight taekwondo gold at the Vongchavalitkul Hall yesterday.

She won by the slenderest of margins, carving out a 1-0 win over Vietnam's Bui Thu Hien and that too courtesy of her opponent incurring a penalty point. Chew Chan, who qualified for the Beijing Olympics by winning the Asian Qualifier in Vietnam on Dec 1, trailed 1-0 after the first round. She drew level in the second and both exponents took a cautious approach in the third but Chew Chan was spared a sudden-death fight when the Vietnamese was twice penalised with half-point deductions."I was not in my best condition and I am thankful to have still won. I admit I was lucky but I am still recovering from an injury and the doctors have advised me to take a two-week break after the Games," said Chew Chan, who hails from Pontian, Johor.

It was her third gold of the Sea Games series as prior to Manila two years ago, she won in the Kuala Lumpur edition in 2001. Having drawn a bye into the final as only three exponents competed, Chew Chan said she will focus her sights on preparing for Beijing now. Malaysia also collected four bronze medals on the first day of taekwondo through men's middleweight Wong Kai Meng, heavyweight Rozy Khamis, women's welterweight Norfaradila Mohammad Zairy and heavyweight Shu Seo Hie.

.: the Man in action, this was during our Taekwondo Summer Camp in Pahang, mid 2007 :.

Congratulations to you, and the rest of the Sea Games medallist. you made us Malaysians proud!

Monday, December 03, 2007

broken promises~~

masa : 10.32 am
situasi : Disember bermula...
iTunes : hmm, anuar zain's Anuar Zain?
[delicious wuhuu~~]

it's the holiday seasons...Aidiladha is just around the corner, not counting the Christmas eve.

[my birthday too~~hehehe]

typically, i'll be 'bombarded' with wedding invitations, kenduri doa selamat [plenty, for the time being since there were numbers of senior teachers performing Hajj this year], friends wanting to see me, and typically their favourite number one question is :

"oi bile ko nak kawin?". which i'll reply with a bland, boring smile... [heh]

it's not something that i was avoiding. it's just that, maybe it's not the time, yet.

truthfully, i'm still single. but i never made myself available. i just don't want to.

am i choosy? nolahhhh...why must i, kan?

[heloo macamlaa aku ni miss universe nak berangan bagai huhuu]

i guess the problem is that i am me. because i'm so dreaded to go through the roller-coaster rides of relationship, again.

i'll puke the next time someone came up to me and serenade his sugary-sweet love-lingos, thinking that i'm so pleased and wanting to hear that lah?

i'm tired of making promises nor hearing them. i hated trying so hard changing to be that particular PERFECT lady that 'the other half' wanted me to. i've been through every experience resulting me making a complete fool of myself. to which after a while, it's torturous and sickening.

i don't hate men. they're a part of me very single moment. my abah, my brother, my 'ickle naufal... what's more i'm teaching an all-boys secondary school, there's plenty of them to love or loathe.

but to go through another phase of getting to know someone, to get along with him, to understand his character, to love his every colours, to take him in as what he is... i don't know. it's almost two years since the last one [he's already happily married, by the way] and i'm still here. waiting for mr.Perfect? nobody's perfect, that's the truth.

and, of course, for him to care for me, and take my family as his. little naufal too.

you see - you don't know me, really.

it's pieces of a thousand jigsaw you're trying to put together. every piece is sweet, another one is too hard to discover. in the end either you liked the whole picture you wanted to frame it up or you'll leave it there in pieces, back to it's original form. tattered and in mess.

[what a loser ~ yes, you.]

am i complaining? heck, i don't even know why i'm writing this!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

another discipline act?

masa : 10.50 am
situasi : cuaca sendu je pagi ni...?
iTunes : [they're so in right now,why must we give it a miss? check them out at or listen to them here - this is among the hassle-free, almost complete playlist, thanx tuan tanah! =)]

okay, where are we...

in the past few weeks we've seen protests, be it good or bad motivated [well, one is quite nasty it really wonders me of the present social conduct and etiquette. it terrifies me to be in the public last weekend, really!]. but, i hope it doesn't get any worser or, Allah SWT forbids - the government might need to call it an emergency. picture us in the recent Pakistan? i dare not!

in another situation, this is an interesting bit from the Utusan Malaysia portal today :-

Pelajar dipenjara enam bulan jika ceroboh sekolah

KAJANG 26 Nov. – Kementerian Pelajaran akan mewujudkan peraturan disiplin baru yang lebih ketat termasuk hukuman penjara maksimum enam bulan terhadap pelajar yang sudah dibuang atau digantung sekolah, menceroboh kawasan sekolah.

Menterinya, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein berkata, hukuman itu terkandung dalam draf Peraturan-Peraturan Pendidikan (Disiplin Murid) 2007 yang dibincangkan dalam seminar peringkat kebangsaan bagi menggubal peraturan berkenaan yang sedang berlangsung.

‘‘Kita akan menggunakan peraturan baru ini kerana garis panduan yang diguna pakai di sekolah seluruh negara tidak lagi sesuai kerana ia digubal 48 tahun lalu.

‘‘Wujud perkembangan baru termasuk penularan budaya gengster, kongsi gelap serta kes saman oleh ibu bapa yang menjatuhkan moral guru-guru sehingga menyebabkan mereka tawar hati dan tidak mahu ambil peduli lagi akan kelakuan pelajar di sekolah,’’ katanya. [this is really seriously happening, and my school is in no exception]

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan seminar tersebut di sebuah hotel di sini, hari ini.

Seminar bagi mendapatkan maklum balas untuk menggubal garis panduan menggantikan Peraturan-Peraturan Pelajaran (Disiplin Sekolah) 1959 turut dihadiri pemimpin parti pembangkang dan kesatuan-kesatuan guru.

Peraturan tersebut akan dilaksanakan dalam masa terdekat jika ia diluluskan oleh peserta seminar itu.

Hishammuddin berkata, cadangan lain dalam draf berkenaan ialah memberikan kuasa lebih jelas kepada pihak sekolah untuk menghukum pelajar memandangkan bimbingan dan nasihat semata-mata tidak mencukupi.

‘‘Hukuman yang boleh dikenakan termasuk kelas tahanan, pelajar diwajibkan menjalani aktiviti bersifat pendidikan, dilarang mengguna kemudahan sekolah dan dirotan bagi pelajar lelaki." [ school's students were soooo immune with the rotan. can we use kayu api or getah paip instead? huhu ok i'm exaggerating that bit]

‘‘Ibu bapa juga akan diarah membayar pampasan jika anak-anak mereka terlibat merosakkan harta sekolah atau mencederakan pelajar lain,’’ jelasnya. [this one, ermmm i don't think will work lah Datuk Seri. some will be excused oh, because they were anak someone-someone, yes the father was someone's bodyguard got cable with the big guns, and don't forget - pity the principle's/discipline teacher's/teacher's car will get scratched and even attempted for massive explosion. that happens Datuk Seri, really you don't know ahh?]

Kata beliau, pihaknya akan memastikan peraturan berkenaan tidak bercanggah dengan undang-undang sedia ada iaitu Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001, Akta Perubatan 1971, Akta Dadah Berbahaya 1952 dan Akta Racun 1952. [Akta Racun? afraid of suicide attempts ke? or using poison for effective discipline control - gile kejamlah huhu!]

whatever the Ministry and the Minister suggests, i must say it goes to the root of the community. we, the Malaysians are so nurtured with the TAK APA syndrome, we've had lots and lots of rules and acts already. what happened to them? we even had the Rukun Negara for instance. why it didn't instill the importance to people to live within rules plus to obey to the society's norm?

what's in the Rukun Negara?

  1. Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan [Belief in God]
  2. Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara [Loyalty to King and Country]
  3. Keluhuran Perlembagaan [Upholding the Constitution]
  4. Kedaulatan Undang-undang [Sovereignty of the Law, and]
  5. Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan [Good Behaviour and Morality]
source :

every Monday morning assembly, i am so ashamed to see students laughing and joking around during the Rukun Negara recital. even singing Negaraku is somewhat not in a dutiful manner anymore.

they're born Malaysian, but never acted like one. they see themselves as the next Rajnikanth, or Rain [nama saya Rain, dan saya sangat Vain]... perhaps wanting to be Mawi. and shuffling is in their veins [so outdated lah you people, that was called running-man and in 1992 we already representing our school doing that for the national indepence celebration. now it's called 'shuffle' eh? wahhhh modennya!! duh~~].

or if it's my school you're talking about, the Kadet Remaja Sekolah was the elite group. they can practise their kawad up to midnight to win but misses school the next day because - "penatlah cikgu".

they don't bother if it's for education that they were coming to school. they came to meet up with friends, play basketball together, and most importantly they will get duit belanja. no school, no money. so they ended up hassling to do part-time jobs for extra RM's. bye-bye to school...they've lots of money what? [yeah right]. a thought so shallow~~that and still i've to chase for boys not wanting to pay their school fees. money is for handphone and hairwax - yes, hairwax. not revision books. nor tuition classes.

in my honest opinion, showbiz is not the epidemic. it's a trend. it comes and it goes. but education is still the key to success. it's the hard work that counts. shuffle all you want, but don't overdo the act. you have lots of girl admirers. imagine this situation :-

she : awak, SPM awak dapat berapa A?
you : ermmmm...uhhhh... [eh, shuffle laa lagi. tak pun kawad keliling padang lagi. awak kan macho, peduli apa SPM dapat A ke tak pun ye takk??]

what happens next - she'll eventually goes to university, and you kawad sampai mati.

heh, now who's asking why we have lambakan pelajar wanita di universiti? i figured out why ~

Friday, October 05, 2007

mari kita bicara puisi...

masa : 9.20 am
situasi : wuarghhhh bosan amat!!
iTunes : hari ini hari untuk mendiamkan diri...hmmmm

hari ini mau menulis dalam
Bahasa Melayu.


usai sudah peperiksaan PMR. dan mereka bersorak-sorai. kalau mereka fikir masalah mereka selesai begitu maka ternyata mereka silap besar.

bosan, kelas cuma dihuni 5 orang yang mengantuk. bila bosan lapar makin menjadi-jadi. lantas aku berjalan-jalan di ruang siber.

aku gemarkan puisi dan kesusasteraan. antara yang selalu jadi tatapan adalah karya hamka, chairil anwar, rendra dan pramoedya ananta toer dari Indonesia misalnya, atau dari Malaysia - aku senang dengan tulisan a.samad said, arenawati, salleh ben joned dan faisal tehrani, serta beberapa yang lain lagi. selebihnya melalui laman-laman blog atau web, sebarang sumber penulisan biasanya menarik minat aku.

bagi aku, penguasaan bahasa harus dimulai dengan membaca.
dan disusuli dengan menulis untuk memperkasakan kemahiran berbahasa. aku dapati hobi membaca kini mula menjadi trend dalam masyarakat khususnya dengan kemunculan kinokuniya, borders, mph atau times yang membenarkan pengunjung membaca secara percuma. aku gemar berkunjung ke pustaka indonesia, dan umum maklum yang Indonesia sangat ampuh dan bangga dengan bahasanya. lomba puisi (atau pertandingan puisi) menjadi acara wajib dalam kalendar persekolahan setiap tahun. jika masih ingat, filem Ada Apa Dengan Cinta yang telah memperkenalkan situasi ini kepada khalayak Malaysia.

jadi sedang aku 'bersiar-siar' tadi, asalnya mencari rendra tetapi ditemukan dengan laman INI. banyak hasil tulisan dari pengkarya-pengkarya muda yang berbakat.

aku terkesan dengan sajak di bawah ini. unsur nasihat disampaikan secara simbolik dan bermakna. mungkin akan aku jadikan sajak sisipan untuk kad ucapan hari raya ku kepada pelajar-pelajar nanti.

hei, memberi nasihat tak memilih waktu bukan? sekurangnya semasa bercuti Aidilfitri tentunya ada bait-bait yang tersemat di ingatan.

Taufik Ismail : Kerendahan Hati

Kalau engkau tak mampu menjadi beringin

yang tegak di puncak bukit

Jadilah belukar
tetapi belukar yang baik
yang tumbuh di tepi danau

Kalau kamu tak sanggup menjadi belukar
jadilah saja rumput
tetapi rumput yang
memperkuat tanggul pinggiran jalan

Kalau engkau tak mampu menjadi jalan raya
jadilah saja jalan kecil
tetapi jalan setapak yang
membawa orang ke mata air

Tidaklah semua menjadi kapten
tentu harus ada awak kapalnya
bukan besar kecilnya tugas yang menjadikan tinggi
rendahnya nilai dirimu

Jadilah saja dirimu
sebaik-baiknya dari dirimu sendiri

.............. aku terkesima!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

reality sure bites ~ kan lenny?

masa : 11 am
situasi : blur?
iTunes : Anuar Zain by anuar zain (ohhh Lelaki ini... huhu~)

i had an interesting conversation last night via sms. here's an excerpt from it >>

She :
entahlah kenapa banyak sangat malang yang menimpa, bad feng shui agaknya.
He :
bad feng shui? mungkin dah sampai masa kena pakai topeng garang?
She :
garang itu pointless, especially for boys, betul tak? bukan tak pernah mencuba menjadi garang, tetapi kerana tak ada bakat semulajadi maka budak-budak ini sinis saja memandang. dan lazimnya cikgu-cikgu yang tunjuk garang itulah yang keretanya selalu jadi mangsa luahan perasaan. mujur saja saya tak berkereta!
He :
anak-anak sekarang, menakutkan saya! yang berani berbuat salah dan berbangga pula. nanti katanya cikgu yang garang tak bertempat sedangkan ianya bersebab. melampau sangatlah...
She :
biasanya saya tak bagi muka, jadi tahan telinga saja bila kita dikutuknya kerana tak melayan perangai kebudak-budakan itu. sayangnya bila dia rasa dia hebat dan tindak-tanduknya tidak salah. sesi minta maaf untuk pelajar-pelajar PMR tempohari memang bulls**t! minta maaf sambil gelakkan cikgu sejurus dia berlalu pergi. kata maaf cuma kerana diarahkan Pengetua dan kawan-kawan lain buat walaupun dari sinar matanya kita tahu itu cuma ayat rekaan semata-mata. hairan sungguh apa nak jadi dengan mereka ini.
He :
ouch... how i wish to be there with you. boleh pijak-pijak mereka sekali! sayangnya mereka tak nampak betapa peritnya hidup. mungkin jika disuruh bekerja saja baru mereka faham...
She :
oh, dah jelang hujung tahun ini memang ramai yang mula sibuk-sibuk mencari duit lebih sampai sanggup memonteng sekolah. kena pula Aidilfitri yang dah melambai-lambai. kemudian bila sesekali ke sekolah tak pula rasa bersalah dan mau mencari nota atau latihan yang dah ketinggalan. my words of wisdom - sekarang kamu tak kisah, tak apa... saya tau beberapa tahun selepas ini kamu akan ingat balik apa yang saya cakap hari ini!
He :
rasanya dah tak boleh diubah kelaziman itu sebab sudah lama dibiarkan. tambah pula banyak contoh yang tak berjaya dalam akademik tapi kaya-raya dah terlalu banyak. sudahnya mereka tak rasa ilmu itu penting sangat. hmm... realiti tv yang amat merosakkan, kena pula ada yang menyokong lagilah mereka rasa tak payah belajar kan?
She :
ahaha... true! lebih sibuk dengan street activity dan dance competition kerana kemasyhuran nama yang dicari. berapa ramai kawan dalam myspace dapat dikumpul, who's who dalam list mereka, serta berapa banyak picture comment yang mereka dapat - itu lebih penting dari mengumpul nota dan memastikan kerja sekolah lengkap. siap merajuk-rajuk kalau kawan tak comment.


who is to be responsible to the situation now, friends? i believe US - the teachers' community, were all facing the same problem. because it is something that is advertised and highlighted as the the latest lifestyle. or you're just not 'in'.

my myspace is not that popular, i don't mind - though most of the students were aware of its existence. who needs a busybody teacher who has direct access to 'the other side of you'? some dares, and we never had any problem. each party mind their own businesses. and the fact that i actually gave them the chance to state their opinion in a relaxed situation. i'm just a human being, and i do enjoy indie stuffs as much as they do. might be picture editing, music, or movies perhaps. as long as we didn't cross the border, everything is just as fun to be shared together.

oh yes, most of them don't read my blog. "cikgu tulis BI, susah nak fahamlah", they will say. though i used basic, simple English which is easily understandable. actually, it's a mind statement that they don't care, and will never put the effort to try. besides getting familiar with the language, they're learning about human and humanity. understand other people's reflection on life. at least they don't develop that 'i don't care' attitude. because living in a society means respecting each other by all means.

sadly, 'respect' is the value they least understood. that's why, children are no more safe when they walk home from school. teacher's getting agitated and worried that their car will be horribly scratched. parents having a hard time just to make sure that school fees were directly paid to the class teacher instead of being wasted at cyber cafes'.

it's a tough life, eh?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

what is WRONG with you?

masa : 7.30 am
situasi : depressed
iTunes : crazy/beautiful the soundtrack

so many has been happening - nurin jazlin's brutal murder (al-Fatihah), new school session on discussion, tun Mahathir's recovery, Malaysian astronauts to be blasted off soon (i remembered faiz khaleed from st.john's karate team years ago, abby always mentioned about him, and another guy name fathullah radzi - what happened to him bai?)...

i woke up early today, feeling so bored. updated my fotopage and added new links to the blog.

yes, i'm depressed.

i really wonder what is happening to school kids nowadays.

people, i've been robbed - again. this is the second time in just a mere two months (you may read the first one HERE) or the third one, i supposed, if the scooter loss was in count.

my purse, with rm350.00 (which is not mine, they're my students school fees, i meant to settle them as it is nearing the year's end). yes the purse was found opened last friday morning. and rm100.00 was taken leaving rm250.00 in it.

you know, it's been a hell of a week at my school.

school kids fighting, with vicious samurai sword, batons, knives in action... an Indian boy was rushed to the hospital with his throat slashed, by a Malay. policemen from Bukit Aman force visiting the school premises and they were patrolling at the school gate. i heard Kementerian Dalam Negeri was also alerted as it involves interracial issue. the next few days we had discipline teachers with walkie-talkie in hand.

that morning i was robbed, i'm actually rushing to fax a discipline report to IPD Sentul. why? one of my ex-student was charged with an attempt to steal a motorbike. with a fellow form 2 friend of his, also from my school.

the next thing i know is rm100.00 was taken from my purse.

what is happening?

is it still the same, safe place we're living in?

tell you the truth, the boys with the worst discipline cases in my school was actually policemen sons. including that form 2 student who is charged with that motorbike stealing. and those involved with the fighting. and yes, also the boy with 4 akujanji signed and nearly expelled from school. of course, the ones with active middle finger and ruthless foul mouths.

ok, i'm not elaborating on that matter. you figure. it's telling us something.

am i THAT old or the world is spinning too fast?

50 years of Independence - huh?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

mendengar guruh di langit, air di tempayan dicurahkan

masa : 8.35 am
situasi : relaxed
iTunes : mashup collaboration by taufik batisah and syed azmir ~
usah lepaskan + lagu tidurku [APM 2007]

ok, quite a week since i last updated.

things are smooth sailing, as for the time being. catching up on the exam syllabus fast. the form 4's were dead bored when it comes to my class! sorry guys ~ i know learning the art's theory was boring, but hey, it's something that WE have to manage and get done, so beat it!! [ok, that's a Michael Jackson tune there]

remember that we're involved in the 50th national's independence anniversary? well, after all the hoo haa's of course they're promised an allowance. so these boys were tugging at my sleeves [literally] and everytime they catch a glimpse of either me or cikgu shofi they will be asking "cikgu, duit elaun kitorang bila nak dapat?"

yes, since it's Aidilfitri around the corner, you bet it triggers the excitement to receive the allowance any sooner. they were imagining kasut baru, baju baru, jeans baru... you name it. even wanting to grab a new handphone for a change. talk about Raya fever huh?

so we got a call from the officials confirming that the payment will be received by a week or so, which is supposed to be due before Raya. of course, news [especially good-delicious sounding ones] are broken so everybody got so anxious and excited. i don't blame them anyway, for most of these kids don't get much from their family. so an extra money is all they're depending for a well celebrated Raya.

but, some of them went over the fence, bearing in mind that they're going to get that sum of money before the school break.

about 3 days ago we actually received the claim note, enlisting every cent that we're going to be paid for. a new amount it seems, reaching about RM 200/+ for each student. but sadly, since it is on warranted payment so it will be in cash form only in the next three months!!

there goes my Raya expenses too, huhuu...

fret not, it will be a birthday spree [mine is coming in December so should be fine lah]

but, things were different with the boys it seems. so here's a conversation i had with them only recently...

me : ok, korang nak berita baik ke berita buruk?
them : berita baik dululaa cikgu, yang buruk tu kemudian... [followed by the rest of the class]
me : now, the good news is - elaun merdeka korang dah bertambah sehingga RM 200/+ sorang.
them : [yay! yes! woahhh! ~~ the list goes on, you figure]
aizat : so berita buruknya apa cikgu?
me : ahaaaah...sayangnya, kita cuma akan dapat duit tu dalam masa tiga bulan lagi...
them : HAAAAHHHH!!!!
them : alaaa apasal cikgu, mana boleh camni...
them : saya da beli baju baru dah...
them : baru je ingat nak angkat handset baru...
them : [yes, yes you may imagine the tantrums, how may i help them can i?]
me : itulah, jangan diamalkan sikap ~

.: mendengar guruh di langit, air di tempayan dicurahkan :.

[Literal translation : Emptying water out of its tank at the sound of thunder.]

~~Describing an action in which the person throws away his belongings/riches/fortunes at the first sign of a greater fortune/riches/belongings, although it is still uncertain.

ahaa... maybe i should consider teaching Bahasa Melayu after this. who knows?

after a second thought, naahhhh i'd rather stick to my beloved Pendidikan Seni heehee...

well boys, i guess you should carefully consider the proverb after this. think before you act!

anyway, my fotopage is updated. do take a peek and enjoy! =)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the performance @ perayaan raksasa merdeka ke-50, stadium merdeka

dear all, my thousand apologies - it took me quite some time to publish this post. i'm done with the editing and uploading, perhaps only not in the mood. going back to school and be my supposed-self as a teacher, i mean in baju kurung and 2" heels again is quite distracting.

in the first place, i'm a boots / sneakers and pants / jeans type of after about some time being so comfortable running around in flat heels and not having to iron baju kurung and tudung in the morning, it kinda hit me hard.

like - "aiyoooh if only i can wear my overalls to school!!".


anyways, Alhamdulillah. the merdeka performance was Superb!

like ollie-pollie said - "best sangat sampai rasa nak menangis!!".

i must agree. the boys were the most outstanding group on that night, most uniquely attired they stole the limelight [the other group were a lot more decently dressed in traditional malay, indian, chinese and kadazan costumes] but until this day, i still don't understand why we hardly find their group picture published anywhere?

seksi sangat ke?

i'll let you be the judge. the pictures says it all.

merdeka, Malaysiaku.

.: the future leader generation, answer to mission 2057 :.

.: pak lah :.

.: let the celebration begin! :.

.: first up - tattoo performance by the ATM, representing the first prime minister YTM Almarham Tunku Abdul Rahman's era:.

this is followed by Tun Abdul Razak's buku hijau and buku merah, FELDA themed dance by the students.

up next, Tun Hussein Onn's era. uniting people of all colours and beliefs.

.: malay zapin dance :.

.: chinese dance :.

.: indian dance, accompanied with peacock feathered dancers :.

.: yup, it's them. unik, dan gagah perkasa :.

p/s : checkout the tattoos!'s not permanent, plaka-painted ok. [aku belum gila lagi ~]

.: finally wrapping up the segment, kadazan costumed students :.

.: representing the golden era of Tun Dr. Mahathir, brass band performance :.

oh yes, for pak lah's era, the soka gakkai group really enthralled the audience with an extraordinary human graphic formation.

.: national car parade, this is the custom made proton satria gemilang especially for the 50th independence celebration :.

.: the finale, patriotic songs and fireworks display :.

.: we did it!! :.

.: let's pack things up and go home :.

.: layan jelah, it's time to have fun after all the hard work :.

kudos to the students;

all 76 students from 4 Bestari, 4 Dinamik, 4 Efektif, 4 Kreatif
[+ 1 sesat member from 4 Harmonis nyehehh]

~ you made the school proud, the teachers proud, and of course your family proud. 50 years of Malaysia is once in a lifetime experience. cherish the memories!

thank yous to;

1. partner in crime - shofi zachariah [it was an honour, pal. we should do it again next time!]
2. TOTs - nazri, naqiu, afiq and syaffiq [where would we be without you? mwahxx! :D]
3. my sister ollie-pollie [you came to the rescue!!]
4. abah [he's just so Great, so patient - imagine troubling him to fetch me from school at 2am in the morning and next sending home some of my students~]
5. mama [yes,yes you're worried i MUST understand that]
6. oh and of course - ickle' naufal [love you! love you!]
7. last but not least - atukSan [ntahlah, but just say "you're welcome cik pairuzzzz" hehe]

ok, i'm done. nak gambar?

Monday, September 03, 2007

backstage antics ~

rehearsing, and getting ready for the big day.

.: the stadium scene :.

.: crowd of over 20,000 premiere participants :.

.: waiting for their turn .

.: performing our part ~ dayak iban tribal dance :.

31st august 2007 - we're part of History.

and here's History, in the making. war shields, wooden parangs, bamboo poles, pua kumbu cloths, head bands, tight spandex shortpants, fake dayak headhunter's tattoo, makeup pans [thanx to cikgu shofi] and other thinkable, necessary decorations - just so to imitate the warrior-like persona.

.: busy, busy, busy... thanx to my sister, everythings' under control :.


.: hey i'm done!! :.

50th merdeka celebration ~ the parade

the golden jubilee of malaysian independence, a once in a lifetime celebration.

in a way it did wonders to the family, for the first time in years we actually got all spirited up and patriotic that my momma didn't complain at all about being in a large crowd. imagine the hassle and pushing in public. she usually despises the situation very much, and it's a relief to the rest of us that for once, she's doing OK.

as usual, all national themed with flag hoisting and oath recital. and the parade was a delightful sight for little naufal. he especially oohed and aahed during the military jets and aircraft show. of course, the colourful parade floats marvelled him too. he babbled along during the patriotic anthems too, that cheeky boy.


50 years from now, when Malaysia is celebrating it's 100th independence anniversary, this particular picture of abah and naufal will be nostalgic. little naufal is aging at 54 years old, and abah, reaching his 103rd years might not be around anymore. in fact, i'll be 77 years old, and God knows whether i'll still be living to witness the occasion.

how life goes and leaves us to yesterday.

and remember, cherish the ones you love while they're still there~

let's take a break, shall we?

cut the crap, afiq. i know i've been bad. i miss ALL of you during the school holidays [no kidding!].

thank God we did managed to go bowling together, and racing daytona all morning ~

what a day. :p