Monday, September 03, 2007

50th merdeka celebration ~ the parade

the golden jubilee of malaysian independence, a once in a lifetime celebration.

in a way it did wonders to the family, for the first time in years we actually got all spirited up and patriotic that my momma didn't complain at all about being in a large crowd. imagine the hassle and pushing in public. she usually despises the situation very much, and it's a relief to the rest of us that for once, she's doing OK.

as usual, all national themed with flag hoisting and oath recital. and the parade was a delightful sight for little naufal. he especially oohed and aahed during the military jets and aircraft show. of course, the colourful parade floats marvelled him too. he babbled along during the patriotic anthems too, that cheeky boy.


50 years from now, when Malaysia is celebrating it's 100th independence anniversary, this particular picture of abah and naufal will be nostalgic. little naufal is aging at 54 years old, and abah, reaching his 103rd years might not be around anymore. in fact, i'll be 77 years old, and God knows whether i'll still be living to witness the occasion.

how life goes and leaves us to yesterday.

and remember, cherish the ones you love while they're still there~

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