Monday, September 03, 2007

backstage antics ~

rehearsing, and getting ready for the big day.

.: the stadium scene :.

.: crowd of over 20,000 premiere participants :.

.: waiting for their turn .

.: performing our part ~ dayak iban tribal dance :.

31st august 2007 - we're part of History.

and here's History, in the making. war shields, wooden parangs, bamboo poles, pua kumbu cloths, head bands, tight spandex shortpants, fake dayak headhunter's tattoo, makeup pans [thanx to cikgu shofi] and other thinkable, necessary decorations - just so to imitate the warrior-like persona.

.: busy, busy, busy... thanx to my sister, everythings' under control :.


.: hey i'm done!! :.

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