Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Salam Ramadhan ~

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Alhamdulillah, it's the time of the year again. Ramadhan is here, and Bilik Guru is busy again - flipping over catalogues and checking out matching tudungs for the upcoming Aidilfitri celebration. me? as usual i choose to stay away. it's not that i didn't bother, but i prefer to keep things on my own. plus i'm not the usual, typical lady shopper. i'm not easily influenced by the glossies, i HATE avon catalogues or any of the such.

[IKEA catalogues are exceptional, though - oopss...] =P

exam fever is here too. PMR is just around the corner in two weeks time. and SPM is tick-tocking fast. teachers were busy with exam - oriented workshops. and number of students turning up to school nowadays are slowly decreasing. my class of 29 students held only 12 yesterday. and it was quite a relief actually, knowing that the ones coming are the less troublesome. so the teachers can concentrate their teaching and the students were more than happy to listen.

as for me, it was quite a mess too. need to catch up on exam syllabus and prepare the question papers. darn, i hate to be rushed!!


funny, from the hit counter attached i found out that more than 10 readers actually drop by the page everyday - for whatever reason. be it my students browsing for their photos or even strangers who dared to read my blurbs!

but the numbers are rising, and i really wonder who they might be. my comments' column is not a hit, by the way... so just who is it?

do not be silent, people. if it's a trouble for you to use the comment form you might as well say hi in the chatbox. i would really appreciate that~!

and thank you, it's been an honour. i'm so motivated to write on. =)

by the way, as i told you earlier my fotopage is back in business. do check it out for updates. most of my recent pictures were there, as well as the ones coming. it's true that a picture does tell a thousand words right? click on to http://fairuzrahman.fotopages.com/. the link will always be available on the right hand side of the blog.

Selamat Berpuasa & Bertarawikh. semoga beroleh baraqah dan keberkatan dariNya.

"Puasa dan Al-Qur’an itu akan memberikan syafaat kepada hamba di hari kiamat. Puasa akan berkata, ‘Ya Rabbi, aku telah menghalangi-nya dari makan dan syahwat, maka perkenankanlah aku memberikan syafa ‘at untuknya.’ Sedangkan Al-Qur’an akan berkata, ‘Ya Rabbi, aku telah menghalanginya dan tidur di malam hari, maka perkenankan aku memberikan syafaat untuknya. ‘Maka Allah memperkenankan keduanya memberikan syafaat. "

(HR. Imam Ahmad dan Ath Thabrani)

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