Monday, September 03, 2007

wrapping things up at cochrane

i will not say much, this one is really backdated. but it's quite melancholy, and i remembered sobbing silently to the last Negaraku here.

50th independence anniversary, a once in a lifetime event. previously in 1992, i came here as a student, wee bopping and hopping little girl. that was during wawasan 2020 campaign. and now, 15 years later i came back as a teacher. i still remember miss petrina low lai hun [she's still at CBN 1], and the energetic twins miss nina and nona chow.

and the lunch pack menu was all the same - rice with chicken and small portion of vegetable.

walking down the memory lane, and i still want to be part of history in the making.

'If you want to cry,
Let it go,
Until that day,
Someone will cry to you...'
Gundam Seed (ep48/50)

izzat...izzat... :)

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