Friday, December 28, 2007

writer's block. dem.

otak sedang tepu.

zalimkah dunia atau aku yang telah kalah sebelum berjuang?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Salam Aidiladha~~!

(original text from my bulletin posted in myspace]

sedang bersiaran dari Kg. Matang, Kuala Sepetang / Port Weld iaitu lebih kurang 15km dari Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan.di sini hujannnnnn dan sedang sibuk bersiap untuk Korban esok! jemputlah singgah kot2 sampai,jangan segan2!cikgu leh tunjukkan landasan keretapi pertama di Tanah Melayu betul2 seberang jalan hihi~~

rindu nk brborak ngan semua org,dan blog juga dah tak terupdate.nie pun dpt on9 kejap sbb org rumah ni sibuk cari resepi utk satay hehehe~~~

jaga diri bebaik semuanya.

p/s: SMKST students,jgn lupa sekolah da nak mula...sila potong pendek rambut anda yea!yg da abis SPM - jumpa lagi nanti...



Friday, December 14, 2007

proud Malaysians!

masa : 1.15 pm
situasi : kejap lagi nak pegi RANtAi art fest!
iTunes : the silent breeze of the wind~~~~~~

a very dear friend of mine, Wong Kai Meng has represented Malaysia in the 24th Sea Games in Korat, Thailand. he won a bronze in Taekwondo which adds to his collection of winnings. Last time in the 23rd Sea Games in Manila, Philippines he won a bronze too.

well done to you bro! i believed you have done your best. balik cepat belanja us laa pakcik, long time no see meh~

here's the official result of his rounds on 12th December, 2007.

Under 84kg:

1. Nguyen Trong Cuong (Vie);
2. Alexander Briones (Phi);
3. Wong Kai Meng and Maung Maung Oo (Mya)

from the news, courtesy of NSTP online :-

Sea Games/Taekwondo: Injured Chew Chan battles her way to gold

SHE wasn't at her best but Che Chew Chan hung on to retain the women's middleweight taekwondo gold at the Vongchavalitkul Hall yesterday.

She won by the slenderest of margins, carving out a 1-0 win over Vietnam's Bui Thu Hien and that too courtesy of her opponent incurring a penalty point. Chew Chan, who qualified for the Beijing Olympics by winning the Asian Qualifier in Vietnam on Dec 1, trailed 1-0 after the first round. She drew level in the second and both exponents took a cautious approach in the third but Chew Chan was spared a sudden-death fight when the Vietnamese was twice penalised with half-point deductions."I was not in my best condition and I am thankful to have still won. I admit I was lucky but I am still recovering from an injury and the doctors have advised me to take a two-week break after the Games," said Chew Chan, who hails from Pontian, Johor.

It was her third gold of the Sea Games series as prior to Manila two years ago, she won in the Kuala Lumpur edition in 2001. Having drawn a bye into the final as only three exponents competed, Chew Chan said she will focus her sights on preparing for Beijing now. Malaysia also collected four bronze medals on the first day of taekwondo through men's middleweight Wong Kai Meng, heavyweight Rozy Khamis, women's welterweight Norfaradila Mohammad Zairy and heavyweight Shu Seo Hie.

.: the Man in action, this was during our Taekwondo Summer Camp in Pahang, mid 2007 :.

Congratulations to you, and the rest of the Sea Games medallist. you made us Malaysians proud!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

wish upon a star ~

masa : 1.30 pm
situasi : saya di sekolah! =)
iTunes : dgr Hot fm je, layannnnn...

"Sabar k, i know you deserve a better life. May Allah bless you."
- miss ollie-polie

another birthday... yeah, sudah tua. yesterday some anonymous from Click-a-Child suggested me to buy myself a birthday cake at the Secret Recipe as it was their anniversary as well. so the offer was a free cake for a purchase of one. good deal eh? but since i never celebrated a birthday [cake-cutting, presents and singing Happy Birthday] and especially as my abah was away at the moment, i don't think i'll hurry myself. live the day as normal as every other day.

being born towards the end of the year made me not the popular girl since primary school. while everybody else got their birthday wishes throughout the year, down to December - poof! nobody remembers mine. so that has kinda build up the ignorant personality of me, as i care less for my birthday and also, yes - everybody else's birthday. hihi...

during my previous relationship[s], they ended up makan hati because i don't bother nor never frantically figuring out what to get for their birthday. it's hard to get a decent present for a man, you see. so in my case, at the time being, i considered myself lucky for being single still. heh~

so to miss ollie-polie, don't worry... i'm in a very good condition. at least i do feel loved by the family. of course, we had our hard times together, but the family is still together. that, was the best birthday present. Alhamdulillah.

by the way, i'm at school today. the studio is in mess! still in mess - duh... i really need to settle down before the form one orientation begins and the school starts in a couple of weeks.

.: tengok ni, curtain majlis persaraan pengetua
duk terselepuk atas lantai lagi! :.

.: kertas periksa yg akan direcycle :.

.: hah, apa nie? :.

.: yahahaaa... cantik meja cikgu kan? sabo jelah... :.

now, all that mess - minus the one week raya haji, and RANtAi art event will begin tomorrow...... =<

begitu cepatnya masa berlalu...

oh well, let's start cleaning up now shall we?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

i have a famous blog [wuhuhuuuuu~~]

masa : 10.15 pm
situasi : excited [kot] hahaaaa
iTunes : ok, jangan kacau aku tengah layan taufik batisah skang ;)

mind the title, even if it sounded so perasan and very-the-angkat-bakul type. my blog, kan? hehe~

funny as i go through the keywords referring to my blog. i had people searching for 'faiz khaleed st.john', 'nona chow', 'petrina low', 'karya hamka', 'gagal matematik', 'perayaan raksasa merdeka', 'hujan pagi yang gelap', 'cikgu seksi', aihhh i even had 'pelajar sekolah bernama Naqiuddin' referring to this blog? wahhh so famous budak kecik nih, you even had blogs dedicated to you eh? cool...

from the previous 20 unique visitors counter, i had visits from Mercer Island of USA [that was in Washington, people!], Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang [ermmm...interesting. are you looking for me?], some from Kulai and Johor Bahru, Johor [i wonder if it's particularly the same person...hee], and Seremban, Negeri Sembilan [you ah, lenn?].

the rest of the world reads my blog too! i have 14 visits from the United States, 6 from Indonesia, 4 from Australia, 4 from Singapore, and 1 from each New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ireland and France!!

to this date [since August 2007], i already had over 1,300 readers of loyal friends and beautiful strangers who'd love to remain anonymous :).

wow...whatever it is the reason for YOU guys to be here - i'm elated. excited! and motivated to write thus further improve my english.


[that's terima kasih or thank you in english, malay / indonesian, german, russian, turkish, irish and french]

ok...i've said enough right? hehe...

anyway, my sister miss ollie-polie was home from college since last weekend. she felt sick so i accompanied her to the clinic on thursday afternoon. it is discovered that it has something to do with renal failure, but she's been given some medication and was advised to drink barley and lots of H2O especially. [by the way, makcik you realize that you left your barley sachets on the cabinet, not counting your overdried hangit jeans in the dryer? tulaaah kalut lg nak balik huhu]

.: indulging herself in the choCCies [yes izyan, she's a chocoholic too!] :.

.: filling in the details, lucky her to stll be fully subsidized [duh~] :.

.: waiting for her turn :.

so she's back to her college completing her final exams. take care of yourself, makcik! and yes, jangan tahan!

[hahahaaa i'll be dead when she returns to KL next week - lariiiiiiii~~!!!]

Monday, December 03, 2007

broken promises~~

masa : 10.32 am
situasi : Disember bermula...
iTunes : hmm, anuar zain's Anuar Zain?
[delicious wuhuu~~]

it's the holiday seasons...Aidiladha is just around the corner, not counting the Christmas eve.

[my birthday too~~hehehe]

typically, i'll be 'bombarded' with wedding invitations, kenduri doa selamat [plenty, for the time being since there were numbers of senior teachers performing Hajj this year], friends wanting to see me, and typically their favourite number one question is :

"oi bile ko nak kawin?". which i'll reply with a bland, boring smile... [heh]

it's not something that i was avoiding. it's just that, maybe it's not the time, yet.

truthfully, i'm still single. but i never made myself available. i just don't want to.

am i choosy? nolahhhh...why must i, kan?

[heloo macamlaa aku ni miss universe nak berangan bagai huhuu]

i guess the problem is that i am me. because i'm so dreaded to go through the roller-coaster rides of relationship, again.

i'll puke the next time someone came up to me and serenade his sugary-sweet love-lingos, thinking that i'm so pleased and wanting to hear that lah?

i'm tired of making promises nor hearing them. i hated trying so hard changing to be that particular PERFECT lady that 'the other half' wanted me to. i've been through every experience resulting me making a complete fool of myself. to which after a while, it's torturous and sickening.

i don't hate men. they're a part of me very single moment. my abah, my brother, my 'ickle naufal... what's more i'm teaching an all-boys secondary school, there's plenty of them to love or loathe.

but to go through another phase of getting to know someone, to get along with him, to understand his character, to love his every colours, to take him in as what he is... i don't know. it's almost two years since the last one [he's already happily married, by the way] and i'm still here. waiting for mr.Perfect? nobody's perfect, that's the truth.

and, of course, for him to care for me, and take my family as his. little naufal too.

you see - you don't know me, really.

it's pieces of a thousand jigsaw you're trying to put together. every piece is sweet, another one is too hard to discover. in the end either you liked the whole picture you wanted to frame it up or you'll leave it there in pieces, back to it's original form. tattered and in mess.

[what a loser ~ yes, you.]

am i complaining? heck, i don't even know why i'm writing this!