Saturday, December 08, 2007

i have a famous blog [wuhuhuuuuu~~]

masa : 10.15 pm
situasi : excited [kot] hahaaaa
iTunes : ok, jangan kacau aku tengah layan taufik batisah skang ;)

mind the title, even if it sounded so perasan and very-the-angkat-bakul type. my blog, kan? hehe~

funny as i go through the keywords referring to my blog. i had people searching for 'faiz khaleed st.john', 'nona chow', 'petrina low', 'karya hamka', 'gagal matematik', 'perayaan raksasa merdeka', 'hujan pagi yang gelap', 'cikgu seksi', aihhh i even had 'pelajar sekolah bernama Naqiuddin' referring to this blog? wahhh so famous budak kecik nih, you even had blogs dedicated to you eh? cool...

from the previous 20 unique visitors counter, i had visits from Mercer Island of USA [that was in Washington, people!], Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang [ermmm...interesting. are you looking for me?], some from Kulai and Johor Bahru, Johor [i wonder if it's particularly the same person...hee], and Seremban, Negeri Sembilan [you ah, lenn?].

the rest of the world reads my blog too! i have 14 visits from the United States, 6 from Indonesia, 4 from Australia, 4 from Singapore, and 1 from each New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ireland and France!!

to this date [since August 2007], i already had over 1,300 readers of loyal friends and beautiful strangers who'd love to remain anonymous :).

wow...whatever it is the reason for YOU guys to be here - i'm elated. excited! and motivated to write thus further improve my english.


[that's terima kasih or thank you in english, malay / indonesian, german, russian, turkish, irish and french]

ok...i've said enough right? hehe...

anyway, my sister miss ollie-polie was home from college since last weekend. she felt sick so i accompanied her to the clinic on thursday afternoon. it is discovered that it has something to do with renal failure, but she's been given some medication and was advised to drink barley and lots of H2O especially. [by the way, makcik you realize that you left your barley sachets on the cabinet, not counting your overdried hangit jeans in the dryer? tulaaah kalut lg nak balik huhu]

.: indulging herself in the choCCies [yes izyan, she's a chocoholic too!] :.

.: filling in the details, lucky her to stll be fully subsidized [duh~] :.

.: waiting for her turn :.

so she's back to her college completing her final exams. take care of yourself, makcik! and yes, jangan tahan!

[hahahaaa i'll be dead when she returns to KL next week - lariiiiiiii~~!!!]


miss ollie-pollie said...

dear kakak,

tanx for your hot advises, comments and critics... when i'm read ur blog, i was crave on choco's again... heheheheh... :p nyum nyum - chipsmore! yummy mummy... daaaa!

on crimewith mr gaijin again? huh!

warm regards 2 everyone...

miss ollie-pollie

msYuz said...

[makcik, need to improve on ur english laaahh huhu]

eating chocs somemore,then you komplen2 to me eh?

what gaijin, who gaijin?

[ehhh xbaik kawan ngn jin,dia mkn asap,xbagus utk kesihatan]


Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

huhu.. best kan can track the readers.. I have ppl searching for soalan percubaan SPM reading my blog.. huhu sian je nak carik soalan jumpa crita tah pape.. ;p

msYuz said...

yah,i've read ur posting on that hihi~~

dlm sibuk2 wt preparation tu smpat lg update blog,bagus tul lah...penuh dedikasi!

a GUY in a dJIN said...

siapa yang makan asap, dialah yang semput...

sekian terima kasih.

Izyan Darling said...

whoaaa...i want to track down my readers oso, can ah? but how? as if la ada org baca my crap sheet eh. hehe.oh ye, speaking of chocs, im still waiting mine lalalala~