Tuesday, December 11, 2007

wish upon a star ~

masa : 1.30 pm
situasi : saya di sekolah! =)
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"Sabar k, i know you deserve a better life. May Allah bless you."
- miss ollie-polie

another birthday... yeah, sudah tua. yesterday some anonymous from Click-a-Child suggested me to buy myself a birthday cake at the Secret Recipe as it was their anniversary as well. so the offer was a free cake for a purchase of one. good deal eh? but since i never celebrated a birthday [cake-cutting, presents and singing Happy Birthday] and especially as my abah was away at the moment, i don't think i'll hurry myself. live the day as normal as every other day.

being born towards the end of the year made me not the popular girl since primary school. while everybody else got their birthday wishes throughout the year, down to December - poof! nobody remembers mine. so that has kinda build up the ignorant personality of me, as i care less for my birthday and also, yes - everybody else's birthday. hihi...

during my previous relationship[s], they ended up makan hati because i don't bother nor never frantically figuring out what to get for their birthday. it's hard to get a decent present for a man, you see. so in my case, at the time being, i considered myself lucky for being single still. heh~

so to miss ollie-polie, don't worry... i'm in a very good condition. at least i do feel loved by the family. of course, we had our hard times together, but the family is still together. that, was the best birthday present. Alhamdulillah.

by the way, i'm at school today. the studio is in mess! still in mess - duh... i really need to settle down before the form one orientation begins and the school starts in a couple of weeks.

.: tengok ni, curtain majlis persaraan pengetua
duk terselepuk atas lantai lagi! :.

.: kertas periksa yg akan direcycle :.

.: hah, apa nie? :.

.: yahahaaa... cantik meja cikgu kan? sabo jelah... :.

now, all that mess - minus the one week raya haji, and RANtAi art event will begin tomorrow...... =<

begitu cepatnya masa berlalu...

oh well, let's start cleaning up now shall we?

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syafiq_5e said...

hey ... cikgu kalau saya ada kesempatan memang saya nak tolong tapi saya ada kerja dengan pakcik (decoration rumah bar )..............so harap cikgu sabar la ,,,,,,, nanati 26 atau 25 dis saya datang tengok sekolah.... cikgu memang bosan ya bila dah habis sekolah.... rasa nak je pakai baju sekolah balik .... ... nak kerja ada problum ....nak belajar pun ada problum macam mana nak bauat ya ????? ... k cikgu ada masa saya coment lagi ...askum ...