Sunday, July 26, 2009

joining them to remember the great Yasmin Ahmad.

Sunday 0044 hrs.
Naqiuddin said --

"Kita ada kenangan dengan dia, dapat bersemuka dengan seorang pengarah yang tersohor sebagai satu kenangan yang paling manis. Lebih-lebih lagi apabila dia yang datang menegur kita, betul-betul teruja kita pada masa tu.
Semoga roh Yasmin Ahmad dicucuri rahmat...

Yes, naqiuddin was with me at that time. that very moment at the parking lot outside Central Market. we just came out of the car and i was struggling with the always troubling car key's remote lock. suddenly naqiuddin taps my shoulder and said -- "kakak, yasmin ahmad lah." "nape, nak salam ngan dia ke?", is all i replied.

much to my surprise then, as i turned my back i saw this very lady, pretty and clean in her baju kurung was striding fast towards us. smiling and happy, offering her hand with the friendliest "Assalamualaikum, apa khabar?" from afar.

i was shocked beyond words. starstrucked. she IS yasmin ahmad. the yasmin ahmad with moving TV ads and soulful movies i followed religiously. THE yasmin ahmad which i enjoyed reading her thoughtful notations on her blog. THE yasmin ahmad who introduced me to Jalaluddin Rumi and made me tearing in awe as i learn of his beautiful poetry.

i remembered not saying a word to her. just a "Waalaikumussalam" muttered under my breath. too excited for words, i guess.

and as she left, she turns back, telling me to "kunci kereta baik-baik. jaga takut ada barang hilang."

just like any mother reminds their kids to do so.

then the news came. she fell ill during a presentation at TV3. such a shock as she appears to be healthy and always the loud, energetic lady. so for the past three days, i kept myself occupied with updates on her. offering my thoughts and prayers everytime after solat.

but the fateful yesterday came. the heartbreaking news.

and i was grief stricken.

i went to her blog, just for a last goodbye, leaving an al-Fatihah in her comment box.
you see, apparently the comment will not be visible until the blog owner approves it.

... my comment will never made visible then, as the blog owner will never be around to approve it, anymore.

no more envious sight of the lady in white carrying heavy book-filled paperbags at the Kinokuniya. ( i always wish i can pick any books off the rack and actually have the money to pay it, without feeling guilty that i'll probably have to cut on my lunch and dinner budget towards the end of the month.)


"In the name of Allah, the Owner and Giver of Mercy;
Allah is praised, the Lord of all Worlds,
The Owner and Giver of Mercy,
The King of the Day of Repayment,
We serve only You and ask only You for help,
Guide us the straight path,
The path of those You have favoured,
Not of those deserving anger,
Nor of those who lose their way."

and as a tribute to her literature-loving nature, my favourite excerpt from Du'a Keinginan by Kahlil Gibran.

...Dan ketika melihat Sang Maut berdiri di sampingnya, ia berkata dengan suara penuh cinta dan harapan,

“Aku di sini, wahai Sang Maut yang cantik.
Sambutlah rohku, kerana kaulah harapan impianku.
Peluklah diriku, kekasih jiwaku,
kerana kau sangat penyayang dan tak kan meninggalkan diriku di sini.
Kaulah utusan Ilahi, kaulah tangan kanan kebenaran.
Bawalah daku pada Ilahi.

Jangan tinggalkan daku di sini.”...

forever, she'll be in the love of Allah SWT.

goodbye, the Storyteller.

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