Thursday, September 20, 2007

mendengar guruh di langit, air di tempayan dicurahkan

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ok, quite a week since i last updated.

things are smooth sailing, as for the time being. catching up on the exam syllabus fast. the form 4's were dead bored when it comes to my class! sorry guys ~ i know learning the art's theory was boring, but hey, it's something that WE have to manage and get done, so beat it!! [ok, that's a Michael Jackson tune there]

remember that we're involved in the 50th national's independence anniversary? well, after all the hoo haa's of course they're promised an allowance. so these boys were tugging at my sleeves [literally] and everytime they catch a glimpse of either me or cikgu shofi they will be asking "cikgu, duit elaun kitorang bila nak dapat?"

yes, since it's Aidilfitri around the corner, you bet it triggers the excitement to receive the allowance any sooner. they were imagining kasut baru, baju baru, jeans baru... you name it. even wanting to grab a new handphone for a change. talk about Raya fever huh?

so we got a call from the officials confirming that the payment will be received by a week or so, which is supposed to be due before Raya. of course, news [especially good-delicious sounding ones] are broken so everybody got so anxious and excited. i don't blame them anyway, for most of these kids don't get much from their family. so an extra money is all they're depending for a well celebrated Raya.

but, some of them went over the fence, bearing in mind that they're going to get that sum of money before the school break.

about 3 days ago we actually received the claim note, enlisting every cent that we're going to be paid for. a new amount it seems, reaching about RM 200/+ for each student. but sadly, since it is on warranted payment so it will be in cash form only in the next three months!!

there goes my Raya expenses too, huhuu...

fret not, it will be a birthday spree [mine is coming in December so should be fine lah]

but, things were different with the boys it seems. so here's a conversation i had with them only recently...

me : ok, korang nak berita baik ke berita buruk?
them : berita baik dululaa cikgu, yang buruk tu kemudian... [followed by the rest of the class]
me : now, the good news is - elaun merdeka korang dah bertambah sehingga RM 200/+ sorang.
them : [yay! yes! woahhh! ~~ the list goes on, you figure]
aizat : so berita buruknya apa cikgu?
me : ahaaaah...sayangnya, kita cuma akan dapat duit tu dalam masa tiga bulan lagi...
them : HAAAAHHHH!!!!
them : alaaa apasal cikgu, mana boleh camni...
them : saya da beli baju baru dah...
them : baru je ingat nak angkat handset baru...
them : [yes, yes you may imagine the tantrums, how may i help them can i?]
me : itulah, jangan diamalkan sikap ~

.: mendengar guruh di langit, air di tempayan dicurahkan :.

[Literal translation : Emptying water out of its tank at the sound of thunder.]

~~Describing an action in which the person throws away his belongings/riches/fortunes at the first sign of a greater fortune/riches/belongings, although it is still uncertain.

ahaa... maybe i should consider teaching Bahasa Melayu after this. who knows?

after a second thought, naahhhh i'd rather stick to my beloved Pendidikan Seni heehee...

well boys, i guess you should carefully consider the proverb after this. think before you act!

anyway, my fotopage is updated. do take a peek and enjoy! =)


Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

lmbt nye dpt elaun..
sabo my pren.. aku pn br dpt claim2 aku p meeting dr bln 4 smp bln 6 dlu.. huhu.. mmg standard 3 bln br proses agaknya..

msYuz said...

aku xlaa kisah sangat,budak2 nie haa...kesian kt diorang,apa nk buat...