Sunday, September 30, 2007

what is WRONG with you?

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so many has been happening - nurin jazlin's brutal murder (al-Fatihah), new school session on discussion, tun Mahathir's recovery, Malaysian astronauts to be blasted off soon (i remembered faiz khaleed from st.john's karate team years ago, abby always mentioned about him, and another guy name fathullah radzi - what happened to him bai?)...

i woke up early today, feeling so bored. updated my fotopage and added new links to the blog.

yes, i'm depressed.

i really wonder what is happening to school kids nowadays.

people, i've been robbed - again. this is the second time in just a mere two months (you may read the first one HERE) or the third one, i supposed, if the scooter loss was in count.

my purse, with rm350.00 (which is not mine, they're my students school fees, i meant to settle them as it is nearing the year's end). yes the purse was found opened last friday morning. and rm100.00 was taken leaving rm250.00 in it.

you know, it's been a hell of a week at my school.

school kids fighting, with vicious samurai sword, batons, knives in action... an Indian boy was rushed to the hospital with his throat slashed, by a Malay. policemen from Bukit Aman force visiting the school premises and they were patrolling at the school gate. i heard Kementerian Dalam Negeri was also alerted as it involves interracial issue. the next few days we had discipline teachers with walkie-talkie in hand.

that morning i was robbed, i'm actually rushing to fax a discipline report to IPD Sentul. why? one of my ex-student was charged with an attempt to steal a motorbike. with a fellow form 2 friend of his, also from my school.

the next thing i know is rm100.00 was taken from my purse.

what is happening?

is it still the same, safe place we're living in?

tell you the truth, the boys with the worst discipline cases in my school was actually policemen sons. including that form 2 student who is charged with that motorbike stealing. and those involved with the fighting. and yes, also the boy with 4 akujanji signed and nearly expelled from school. of course, the ones with active middle finger and ruthless foul mouths.

ok, i'm not elaborating on that matter. you figure. it's telling us something.

am i THAT old or the world is spinning too fast?

50 years of Independence - huh?


Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

whoa.. agak dahsyat pengalaman ko..
hmm I've experienced beign robbed by a kid too.. but that was during practical at SMK *toot*.. huhu.. he took RM50 fr my purse..

hmm.. kt skolah aku plg dasat kes pn, budak nk belasah pembantu makmal.. ex budak kelas aku le tu.. huhu.. in the end baik lak dia.. well the world has changed.. its not the same safe place as we used to know it..

lastly, faiz khaleed ex stj? ptt mcm penah nampak.. hak2..

msYuz said...

aku xtau adakah budak2 ni mmg da semulajadi kerana asal-usulnya mcm tu ke, kerana masalah keluarga ke, xcukup kasih sayang ke, nak perhatian ke?
dan apa yg sistem pendidikan kita dapat bagi pada diorang skrg?
sengaja aku sebut psl anak polis tu,sbb sgt obvious dlm kes aku.dan melalui pengalaman aku dgn mak ayah diorg - God knows. ckp byk nanti tercuit bab lain yg lebih sensitif pulak!

yup,faiz khaleed budak st.john.skrg ni sibuklaa semua org nk ngaku kenal dia kan,mcm si yatt jugak.

yg pasti,faiz xkenal aku mwahaaa~~

Izyan Darling said...

teruknya budak2 skolah skrg ni. makin lama makin dasyat. ada je cite pasal budak2 skarang. thank God zaman kita skolah dah lama habis. camne akak nye purse bole kena curik? and yg peliknya, x plak dia curi sume?

msYuz said...

pursenye xdicuri,dibuka dek si pencopet itu.suspeknya da dikenalpasti,disahkan oleh kwn2 yg tukang spy.bila akak tau,akak trgamam sgt.kenapa dia xcuri semua,sbb dia malu alah,he's among my trusted students.yg pasti dia trdesak.dan akak tgh mengumpul kekuatan utk brjumpa dia sbb takut marah yg keluar sdgkan kita cuba nk memahami kenapa dia buat mcm tu.

wish us luck,izyan.i really miss our school days *sob*

newrin said...


wah wah thanks coz you found my blog so that i can find you blog :)

btw, will add yours in my link too

jadi cikgu u erk, cikgu yg sungguh cool, m sure your student loves u so much..

take care n stay in touch, selamat berpuasa :)

Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

yeah this kind of case must be handled delicately.. kang sembur terus lari budak tu..
good luck beb..

err faiz pn x kenal aku.. aku pn sj wat2 kenal.. haha.. aku x kwn pn ngan dak st john.. kwn ngan vi jek.. hihi.. ;p

msYuz said...

nurin :
thanx 4 dropping by,so happy to hear from u again, how's pn. saminyah doing?send my regards 2 her k =)
me loved by the students??
nawwwww i dun think so lah uhux!

i met that boy yesterday,not really confronting him lah just a normal chat like usual and i did told him that i'm upset such things were happening especially during the fasting month,not even accusing or suggesting names.but he sure looked uneasy [u know laah all the nose rubbing n stuff].through a friend of his he involuntarily claimed that 'bukan aku yg buat'.i never hinted who did what kan?
smells fishy to me...hmmm

Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

very fishy.. bg dia minum ayaq yassin sket.. huhu..